Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taking a break

I am sitting in my basement surrounded by ribbon and tulle, so I am giving myself a timeout and writing a long overdue post.
So whats new? HITTING! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? Ashlyn is the worst, it is full on hitting me in the face if she doesnt get her way. The girls are giving each other hugs and kisses(((can I get a collective AWWWWWWWW)) but the next minute they are hitting each other. This isnt like before when they would hit each other because of their lack of coordination and somehow end in a toddler pileup. No, this is on purpose and I know it is just frustration. Nothing says good morning like getting bitch slapped by a 16 month old!
I am also thinking that they should start having designated toys, but I dont know how this would work logistically. If Ashlyn has Fiona's toy, do I take it away from her and vice versa? Any tips?
Speaking of toys, we received not one but TWO American Girls catalogs, one for me and one for the husband. I dont know how we got on their mailing list. So I obviously looked through mine, I gave Tony's to the girls so they could look at it/rip it up, and I am obsessed with their bitty twin dolls but I know the girls are too young...right? the dolls are $$$$. It is something to keep in mind for their 2nd birthday.

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