Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fun spring craft ideas roundup

It is starting to warm up her a bit in Steelerland and I have Spring fever. Since we are gearing up with a huge kitchen renovation, I cant spruce up the house like I normally would so I have decided we need to go overboard with the crafts so we can pretty up the place a bit.

My favorite craft would be the stainglass butterflies. We did this last year and I still love them and we placed them on our patio door. This year I want to do a nice little collection to add color and cheer. Icanteachmychild.com has a great tutorial, simply click on her picture and follow the link.

My girls keep talking about the April showers bringing May flowers so why not make some rain sticks? Happyhooligans.ca has a nice tutorial on making this fun craft

I am a sucker for anything the involves footprints or handprints so this craft idea is high on my list. I think it would be adorable on the front door or has a mother's day gift.  Pinkie Pie has a whole bunch of ideas, just click on her picture for her posts. How cute is that little chick?!?

Since Easter just passed, it is a safe bet that many people colored eggs and now have empty or half empty egg cartons around. This craft is a great way to reuse those cartons and make some pretty art. I personally think this would be a wonderful gift either for mom, grandma, or a teacher. My girls participate in girl scouts so I am even thinking this would be a fun thank you gift for our troop leaders. Amy over at Modge Podge Rocks is responsible for this idea. Click on the picture to find her tutorial.