Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meal Planning!

Do you write out your weekly menus? Well I do. I like to be organized plus it saves time and money. I use to do it by days but now I just come up with a list of meals and the ingredients needs. I am flexible with the days. I just started planning two weeks in advance. Obviously, there is some flexibility and the menu gets put off for a day. Last night we ended up at eatnpark after a quick run to the grove city outlets at 7pm(dont ask, long story) but I had made the chicken anyway so we will have it tonight. Here is what I have planned for the next two weeks-
Chicken fingers, texas toast, fries and gravy
Korean BBQ beef with rice-it is pre-marinated from trader joes, quick and yummy.
Beef Stew
Chicken and bacon calzones
chicken spaghetti
BBQ chicken with corn
tomato cheesy chicken with pasta-Chicken, diced tomatoes, mozzerella cheese, and some basil. So easy and so darn yummy.
Baked Chicken Breasts with Parmesan Garlic Crust
Chinese BBQ pork with noodles
French onion soup
ham steak with skillet potatoes

We will obviously eat out a few times or have leftovers but it is nice to have all the ingredients on hand. I even have frozen bread dough for the french onion soup.
I made a zebra cake the other day and it was good, but needs tweaking. I also plan on making chocolate chip biscotti and apple cupcakes. We have fresh apples from a local orchard and I dont want to go to waste.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cat Poem

Oh poor kitty of the basement

You don’t seem comfortable here

Are you used to a larger futon bed?

I was unaware they had futon beds in the woods, but

I am sorry our humble abode isn’t to your liking. I wish our futon bed was bigger. I know a 10lb cat needs lots of space.

Oh you don’t like the water in the water dish? I am sorry you find the need to sit in my kitchen sink and lick the faucet. I am sure the rainwater and mud in the woods are far superior to the water in your water dish. I apologize once again.

I am so happy that you found my bedroom and it is music to my ears to hear you crying for food at 5am.

I am sure you miss living on bugs and that the meow mix is mere garbage. You have such a sophisticated palette afterall.

Oh kitty of the basement, I am so sorry you seem to hate it here. I know I deserved your punishment of digging through our clean and folded laundry and leaving a coating of white fur. It was such a just punishment for our shortcomings.