Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick update

It feels odd to post about normal life after my last two entries. My heart still hurts for Brook and her husband. I cant imagine the pain they are experiencing.

As for life with our girls, I thank God every day for them. They are both crawling backwards and Fiona is working on going forward. It has really messed with the sleep in the house but they are so much fun right now. A lot of work but so much fun. The house is a mess though since we are trying to pack and get rid of junk, and I just feel like this is a pretty bad time to have two crawlers on my hands.

Yes, our house is officially sold, it only took $600 in totally unnecessary repairs. This is what happens when you hire a cheap, dont know what they are doing inspector. her inspector said our deck wasnt built right. Well we get our contractor involved, then our township, then the township zoning guy. Our deck was inspected THREE times while being built, township says deck is fine and safe Well what is her inspector going to do? say he was wrong? so we had to pay to re-enforce the deck. we decided to suck it up and do it because we couldnt take it anymore. Our buyer had us fighting for THREE days over $15, the lady is nuts.