Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doing some blog cleaning

You will notice that many of my posts are gone. I deleted them. It seems that some of my blog postings about breastfeeding and some other topics ended up being C&Pd on some rather disgusting websites. Nothing I can do about them now, but I have deleted the posts. I am kinda freaked out. I will probably set the blog to private once I get the list together.
Its the internet so I know it is public but still, I thought my little blog would go unannounced but I guess not.

Send me an email on my yahoo account if you want access.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dont worry, I'm still alive!

All is well here in NY Gal land. We've sold our house! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Now we are just waiting on the inspection report and everything that goes with that. We also need to find a new house. This is proving to be a difficult task. I will summarize everything once we are done and provide pictures of some of the *ahem* lovely homes we saw.