Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday round up

Twins are hard. Twins who are cruising machines with Evil Knievel tendencies is even harder. That is my excuse as to why I am crappy blogger : )
My girls officially turned 1 on May 30th. We had a nice relaxed BBQ party to celebrate. I will never ever ever again have 30+ people over and try to grill for everyone. Next birthday party will be chicken fingers from chik fila!

I am finally focusing on decorating the house. We need to go decide on paint colors and I am trying to do things little by little. I really want to do something about our master bedroom. We cant afford new bedroom furniture right now, so our plan is to buy a new mattress and to make our own headboard!
This blog has great instructions and photos on how to make your own headboard. I also like the color she went with.
Ideally I would like to make a headboard that looks like this one-

I love the detail of the metal beads around the outside.
Here are some inspiration pictures-

Our bedroom has a cathedral ceiling and it is rather large. You would think having room would make it easy, but I am having a really hard time setting up everything to get a cozy feel. We are definitional going with brown, blue and silvers.