Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doing some blog cleaning

You will notice that many of my posts are gone. I deleted them. It seems that some of my blog postings about breastfeeding and some other topics ended up being C&Pd on some rather disgusting websites. Nothing I can do about them now, but I have deleted the posts. I am kinda freaked out. I will probably set the blog to private once I get the list together.
Its the internet so I know it is public but still, I thought my little blog would go unannounced but I guess not.

Send me an email on my yahoo account if you want access.


Megs said...

Don't hate the game, hate the players!

hahahahaha - j/k oc :)

Our Family said...

Yikes! That's crazy!

Jo said...

Meg-you so crazy!
Clare-I know. They were on a list serve about topics I dont want to discuss YUCK

K,S,M and R M said...

OH man. Gross. How on earth did you find out?