Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poor Fiona

So the girls have been battling colds, but yesterday Fiona's got worse. She woke up wheezing and we were scared. Tony has asthma so I am always worried the girls will develop it. My gut reaction was to take her to the ER but then remembered we had an early morning doctor's appointment anyway. It was for their 15 month check up-yeah a month late.
So off we went. After paying our insane co pay(bye bye $120), the doctor checked out Ashlyn and ordered the required vaccinations. Next came Fiona's turn and he could clearly see she was wheezing and then he went into an explanation of the chest muscles she was using, yada yada yada, all things I do not remember. So once he checked her out, he ordered a breathing treatment for her and said we would be getting our very own neubulizer at home, greattttttttttt. I asked him about asthma and he said that two episodes of wheezing constitute asthma. That seemed really odd to me and this is something I want to research more. If she does have asthma, I would like to be more prepared, ya know proactive vs. reactive.
So now we are on day 2 of treatments and she is such a little trooper! She just sits and babbles away. I think she knows it makes her feel better which is why she tolerates it.
Both girls are doing great health wise and Ashlyn weighed in at 21.12lbs and Fiona is 23lbs. They've each only gained a 1 lb in 6 months but the doctor's isnt worried at all and neither am I.
So Fiona's had a rough few days and I really hope things turn around for the poor kid.

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