Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can someone tell me what is going on?

So both girls are waking up every night at 2:30/3am. It is like clockwork and I cant figure out what is going on. Bedtime has gotten better so thats a plus but UGH the screaming at 3am, it is driving us insane and we get into the whole CIO battle. Tony wants to let them CIO and I am still against it. They are 16 months, 14.5 months adjusted so maybe there is a developmental reason for the waking?? Any insight or do they just hate us?
I am not some sort of martyr when it comes to their sleep, like "oh look at me, I give my kids everything including my sleep" because if you give them your sleep time well just give them your sanity while you are at it. I just try to keep things in perspective and repeat all the time "sleep is a series of highs and lows".
So since I dont know when I will be sleeping through the night, I've been making an effort to get to sleep on time. My latest craft obsessions are making it hard though. Have you heard of freezer paper stencils?? So easy and so much fun!I am officially hooked.
I made this shirt using freezer paper-

I used a large piece of freezer paper, cut out the shapes which creates a stencil. Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt and voila! I went the extra step and colored the shapes in.
This blog was my inspiration-

I also used the basic idea behind the bandana dress to make this dress. I found the fabric at Joanns and it was too cute (and cheap!) to pass up.

You can find the tutorial here

I simply cute the cupcake fabric into the same size as a bandana and went from there.

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