Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scary stuff

This morning we were heading out to storytime. We've taught the girls how to go down the stairs by sitting down, turning over on their belly and sliding down. So both girls headed down the stairs but Ashlyn decided that she wanted to go up. I had one girl going down, one going up and suddenly I saw Fiona at the top of the steps and she took a step down. OMG, it all happened in slow motion. I saw her tumbling down like a rag doll and she landed on her back at the bottom of the steps. I was hysterical, Fioan was hysterical and Ashlyn was crying as well.
I strapped them both into the car, preparing to go to the ER, and called the doctor's office. I got a nurse on the phone and she calmed me down. She gave me all the signs to look for and just told me to observe Fiona for a few hours. At this point Fiona was fine and laughing. She was fine for the rest of the day, her cold bothered her more than the fall it seems.
I dont think I will ever forget what she looked like going down those stairs. I cant help but feel responsible. Blahhhhhhh motherhood is so hard sometimes!

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