Thursday, October 15, 2009

I try not to call people out

I do not get the MckMama worship. Are you familiar with her? She has a blog and about a bjillion followers. She started blogging about her son and his heart condition. People were praying, sending her things, sending her money,etc because they were now on that emotional journey with her. They were seeing the pictures of her son in the hospital, reading about the treatments, they were there with her.
Now her son is better but the whole blog doesnt sit right with me. She talks about being a submissive wife and whips out bible verses to back her up. Well turns out her husband was arrested for domestic violence, perhaps she shouldnt be the one giving out marriage advice? She talks about her son and his health, but then takes him to a large BBQ right after he was released from the hospital, not giving a second thought to his immune system.
I just dont get the hero worship.

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Annie said...

You now I agree with you. Some people uses blogs for lucrative or maybe for gain a lot of followers. There are some many blogs like that.