Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What do you need for twins

I see this question a lot and I get asked it a lot. I thought it would make a great blog entry.

-Baby trend double snap n go.
This stroller only takes infant carseats. It is very lightweight and easy to fold. My girls were in their infant carseats for 10 months so I got a ton of miles out of my double snap n go.

-2 boppy pillows
These are awesome. If you bottle feed, you can put a baby in each pillow and feed them at the same time. If you are nursing, you can use the boppy to nurse. Yeah you can tandem feed the babies but that has a learning curve to it and not everyone can do it. I wasnt able to tandem feed because Ashlyn had a bad latch.

-A really great OB/ Perinologist
I am not a doctor, but I feel like I was an educated patient. We found out about our twins late in the game, 19 weeks, and you best believe that I drilled my OB after that u/s. I asked how many multiples he had delivered, were there practice standards for dealing with multiples, did he view multiples as high risk, how many MoMs to be got to full term?, etc I knew I would be delivering at Magee and I knew that Magee has an outstanding NICU so that did make me feel comfortable. When they discovered the vasa previa, my OB sent me to a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor. I was placed under the care of the Magee MFM and still saw my OB. It is all about good care. I cant tell you how many posts I've seen on multiples message boards that say things like "well my doctor doesnt think I am high risk just because I am having twins", or "My OB doesnt think I need cervical checks". Having multiples is high risk and a patient should be treated as such. 50% of all multiples are delivered early(before 37 weeks) and the risk for preterm labor, pre-e, and other complications are higher when having multiples. Being high risk doesnt mean bedrest, it just means taking extra precautions.

-2 swings
This differs from mom to mom. We actually had 3 swings. Those swings were awesome when we were in total survival mode. Fiona wanted to be held and rocked all the time. I couldnt do it, it was physically draining and I needed to take care of Ashlyn as well. Swings were a lifeline.

-Miracle Blankets
Yes, they are more money than the average swaddling blanket but so worth the $. My girls loved to be swaddled and these blankets made them feel nice and secure and helped them sleep!

-Breast Pump
Even if you exclusively breastfeed and stay at home, chances are you will need to pump. I've only known 2 MoMs who didnt have supply issues. A pump can help boast your supply and create a freezer stash so someone else can handle a feeding

-Baby bjorn/sling/wrap/etc
I wore my girls for months, sometimes two at a time. I could wear them and walk around the house. It helps with bonding and soothing.

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