Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who needs sleep? Ya never gonna get it....

Who needs sleep? Whats that for.
Yeah I am stealing some lines from Barenaked Ladies. Their lyrics seemed appropriate given the state of sleep in this house.
The twinsies are 15 months actual, so 13.5 months corrected. A quick look at moxie shows that there is a common sleep regression period around 13 months, so it seems to jive with what is going on with the girls. They wake up in the middle of the night and SCREAM. It isnt whimpering, it is blood curdling outright screaming. We go in and thus begins the dance. Fine when someone is in there, screaming begins again when we leave. We try to co-sleep, something we've done in the past, but the offender wants nothing to do with that. To them co-sleeping is an invitation to a late night party.
It seems like Ashlyn is having the rougher time, well aside from mommy & daddy, and I know her starting to walk is probably playing a role as well.
Another surprising development is Fiona is clinging to daddy, so much that if he leaves her sight, it is a full out temper tantrum. I have to be honest and say I feel a bit slighted. While they are still beating down the bathroom dorr while I am in there, I dont get the clinging to daddy thing. Is it because he works so much and they are already sensing this? I just feel like a total bad guy when I have to take her out of the office so he can work.


Doubly Blessed said...

My 15 month old girl is going through the same thing with daddy! Clings to him all the time and freaks when he leaves her sight. I hope she grows out of it soon!

Amy said...

Heather is like a pendulum. Sometimes she clings to mommy and sometimes she clings to daddy. I admit that I enjoy her cling to daddy periods. They seem to come and go with no rhyme or reason.

Of course, she hasn't had a cling to daddy period since Todd arrived...

Hope the sleep issues get better soon!