Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy but good

Wow, nothing like starting a business and getting things off with a bang. I had a few etsy sales (yay!) but I also had a handful of custom orders, including 26 ponytail bows for a girls' softball team. cant wait to see the team picture for them!
On the twinsie front, I am really struggling with my two toddlers. They never sit down, except to eat. It is go go go all day which is great and toddlers are active but man oh man, I had no idea! We are also dealing with the dreaded temper tantrums. F had a meltdown after storytime yesterday because I wouldnt let her carry the books around the library. She was clued to my cell phone yesterday and husband didnt want to deal with the screaming if we took it away, so my blackberry ended up covered in toddler goo, yay thanks so much!

We officially had to cancel this month's trip to my hometown, which also means I will be missing the U2 concert. The tickets were a birthday gift to my younger sister, so now she will be going with her husband. My friend is also going and has promised to call me during the concert, great, thanks so much, here is some salt to rub in my wounds ;P
We cancelled the trip because we really need to refocus on building our savings, something that obviously took a hit when we moved to the new house. My friend Sara reminded me that being responsible and delaying fun is hard to the shortrun but in the long term, it means living like no one else, a bit of wisdom I believe she got from Dave Ramsey but it is really true.

Speaking of living like no one else, the grocery challenge is going well. I must admit that I've made two runs to the store. The first was to target. Now I gotta defend myself. The local targets were running a special, for every two boxes of poptarts or nutrigrain bars, you got a free galloon of milk. So yeah I bough some poptarts and nutrigrain bars. The 2nd run was to the local Giant Eagle and it was just to get some bread dough to make an appetizer for a last minute get to gether with the Inlaws. I am really proud of myself though because I stuck to my mission with both trips and surpassed the temptations. I just reminded myself that we didnt need anything else.
Perhaps this grocery challenge has some lessons I didnt foresee.

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Life with Pog said...

Yes, it's all Dave Ramsey! :)
Good luck with the business!