Monday, July 30, 2012

and I have come full circle-back to making tutus

If you and I are friends IRL, you will know I started my lil biz by making simple clips and tutus.  Eventually I moved past tutus even though I love them.  A large reason was because there are SO many cheap tutus on the market, it was hard to compete.  There I was charging $20-30 for a super full fluffy tutu while cheap imports were $5.  No they didnt compare in terms of quality or looks but customers sometimes dont care.  Besides the cheap imports, other designers were charging too little for their skirts.  I am not in the business of losing money so I couldnt charge $15 for my skirts like other people.  So based on $, I stopped making them.  Well now I have started again but with a twist on the traditional tutu.  I am madly in love with my new loopy tutus.  I love how full and fun they are and just extra special.  It is nice to say hello to an old friend.

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