Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tada! New chair

I picked up this $20 from goodwill. I loved the size and the shape. I could totally see both my girls sitting on it together reading or sharing secrets for years to come.
I dont have a picture of the chair itself, think 1970s wood stain.
This is one of the cushions-
and here is the finished product-
Here is how I did it-I used no sand primer on the chair and then applied two coats of white paint. For the cushions, I did a no sew slipcover. It isnt the proper way but it works. I laid the fabric out and then folded it in, think hospital corners, and then used a high temp glue gun. For the back, I attached snaps. I will make proper slipcovers soon but I wanted something quickly. the fabric was $8 for 3 yards at ikea. I think it is such a fun chair.

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Dr. Drama said...

I saw those on Facebook and I was so impressed! Love the fabric.