Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Grocery Challenge-Day 1

Its been a long day with two busy busy busy toddlers. I did want to get in the habit of posting our daily menu.
Breakfast-Waffles from the partial box we have. Once the box is over, I think I will make a big batch of homemade ones.

Lunch-Homemade pizza YUMMOOOOO!

Dinner-I broke down and used the convenience food I bought. It was rather odd to just heat up already breaded chicken and to use powdered potatoes, but I will admit it did make dinner time easy. I had 3 custom orders for my craft business and also helping my husband with his business, so it was a busy day so the ease of dinner was nice. We had the Tyson chicken tenders from costco, mashed potatoes and some frozen veggies I had on hand.

So a pretty simple cooking day but no eating out, yay! Husband said he wants the tyson chicken fried but that isnt happening.

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